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Type of Analysis and Method on Investing and Trading :

1. Technical analysis is the study of price movements to be portrayed in a graph ranging from minutes up to a week as a historical Data. This graph illustrates the force of market to buy or sell in a graphical mechanism suppy demand.
The idea is that one can look at historical price movements, and, based on price action, can determine a rate at which prices will occur. By looking at the graph, you can identify trends and patterns that can help you find trading opportunities, the price level and a good profit. There is a saying that "the trend is your friend". The reason for this is that you are much more likely to make money when you can find the trend and trade in the same direction. Technical analysis can help you identify trends in its early stages and because it gives you a very profitable trading opportunities.

2. Fundamental Analysis of data using a variety of macroeconomic, social and political conditions that occur in a country or regional. Usually the data and the conditions of economic strength, social and political trends will drive the price of the medium and long term. If a country's economy goes well, their currency will also do well or higher. This is because the market assessment that economic growth both of which will be followed by a strengthening stock market, currency, income levels and increasing people's purchasing power which will increase the level of consumption. This condition will cause multiflier effect, economic and business activity increases, but will also be followed by higher inflation and lending rates are slowly increasing function to menngendalikan inflation and economic growth do not get too hot (overheating) and foaming (bubble economy) in the industrial sector, property and consumption.

3. analysis of the cycle, rhythmic (rhythms) or wave is by looking at the trend chart's pattern of movement is like a mosaic cycles, rhythms and waves are always on the move dynamically. This analysis is an invisible picture (insight and oversight) of the condition of biological, psychological and social development in a market in the form of graphs fluctuations in both strains of intraday, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly charts. Here takes a skill to see a cycles, rhythms and waves as a picture of mental and psychological conditions of a market. 

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