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The difference between the Winner and Loser :

An investor and trader (trader) who get into financial fund market like Forex, Futures Index, Commodity, Stock and other derivatives should be aware that trading in financial fund market and money market implies a certain risk for borned well as the potential for lucrative profits. The higher the yield (return or yield), the greater the risk to be dealt with later. You can open one at a favorable position, but if done wrong step can cause you to lose total in the blink of an eye. Should wear by word "do not put your eggs in one basket fund market", ie only the Forex market, the 1-3 position to take all your money. Divide into several parts to trade intraday and daily (short term), weekly and monthly (medium term) as well as quarterly and yearly (long term) with the largest portion of the long term by 50%, 35% medium-term and short-term 15%.

For each period, is divided again on some portion of the portfolio in a market share of financial fund and taking different positions between the buy and sell with stop loss tolerance of at least 20-30 points or pips to avoid taking big losses or cut loss if that position has been taken opposite exceed 25-35% of its initial position. May also use the straddle strategy, pascal and we realize the average home price is not too far position dragged by the waves rise and fall of market price movements are often fragile and volatile (volatile and turbulences) as opposed to the position of your investment and trading. Do not be too long to wait and hope the market will soon recover, and to the mass of psychological factors on the economic fundamentals will be very influential and dragging on the wave of the dynamic fluctuations of the midterm and longterm trends.

Your success is entirely dependent on the experience and professionalism of your investment and trading. Any beginners and professionals must understand that risk is always there and lurking, so you must be attentive. To invest and trade in the financial fund markets (Forex, Stocks, Index Futures, Commodities and Derivatives) we do not always greedy to continue to make profits and gains. Everyone must follow the constructive approach, attentive and analyze any factors that may affect the trend.

According to our method Natural Bio Economic or Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic, this can be handled by incorporating elements of visionary thinking and natural biological instincts and intuitive to get to the open way of thinking, hearts, hands and your wallet (open mind, open heart, open hand and open pocket). This will make you able to see the future as a visionary good to see the future movement of the chart, like George Soros running 6 months ahead of the curve. So you can avoid any risk of loss from price fluctuations in the Forex markets, Index, Stock, Commodity and Other Derivatives for investors and traders as well as good business people to see how the growth of business, economic conditions, market share and consumer tastes in the future. This method is Preventive Ways to early warning system so that you can go through different challenges and risks can even take advantage of the turmoil, the crisis and the recession becomes a lucrative opportunity, while many competitors dropped even your real business went bankrupt. This makes you a happier, successful and have a sense of empathy for others, then God will also give you fortune and profits even more.

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