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The main factors that support the strategies of successful investing and trading :

1. Investors who get into financial fund market fundamental analysis is always done in the medium and long term period and not too affected by the volatility of short-term fluctuations as a businessman in real sector. While traders will conduct analysis of technical indicators and effort in the short run in the first period including a high-risk groups and bring them closer to failure. The main reason that the short-term trading largely unsuccessful is not the fact that traders are placing themselves within the time limit, but the lack of good training and a trading plan are accurate. Lack of experience and deep knowledge of good and not allow even a small mistake, which could result in loss of deposit trader. At the same time, the merchant as it often does not have enough money in their accounts. More successful traders working in the medium and long term as a long term investor. Statistically, the "medium and long-term trade" is more successful. The same can be said that the money invested, the ability to remain on the market a lot depends on the amount of initial funding, the greater the more able to survive longer and can withstand a variety of risk of loss prior to getting a bigger profit. 
2. Successful investors and traders will always take the loss of bidding (bid) and the correlation of income, while the loser is just concentrate on their successful bidding. It is much more important to keep track of your risk rather than profits or losses. Investors and professional traders will always estimate how many of them can benefit and how much they could lose (loss).

3. Missed opportunities for investors and traders who often spend more time on analyzing the market to wait for a good while but ultimately missed the train and the price has gone up high or down long way down. Usually the loser would pursue a position at the high price will drop soon or wait for a cheaper price (on the dip), so his position will be bought at high prices with a potential loss as prices come down soon or sell too early or too down in price is the market will soon up. This makes the loser always loses and the turmoil and confusion facing financial fund fluctuations in the market. To be successful is first to decide how to behave in the current situation and implement their strategies according to their conclusions. If investors and traders can predict the reaction of the crowd (mob psychology), then he will certainly gain greater success. Probability (chance) of the profits will be much higher if an investor and trader can respond to acts of irrational buying and selling than people with a rational plan of action. Therefore, it is much harder to be a successful analyst of the mental attitude of the investors and traders. An analyst should do the job much more complicated, because they have the vision to forecast market movements are fundamentally and recommend ways to get the maximum benefit while all successful traders have to do is follow the technical market.

4. As a rule, investors and traders who can not control your emotions, then they will never succeed. Investors and professional traders and experienced in analyzing the market is always put aside their emotions. In the case of an investor and trader who opened (open buy or sell) and close positions (close buy or sell) just based on emotion and feeling, then this approach can not be considered good and logical. However, a complete ignorance of one's emotions would be wrong too. Sometimes excessive stress can lead to mental illness and the loss of all trade skills. The best way is to keep track of your emotions and to consider whether the reasons for one or other decisions remain. 

5. All investors and experienced traders would be concerned about the truth of their own, while the professionals acknowledge their emotions but not allowing them to take over your mind right. Successful traders recognize only the factors that help or prevent the for profit. It is very important to remain aware of the process in the market, however, need also to share personal life and commerce. Considerable energy may lead to mental disorders and physical fatigue. Investors and professional traders immediately react to the market that is flexible and agile reaction to follow the trend and market dynamics, because the only way was to get money for you.

6. After losing money while trading losers start to buy new books or trading system and follow their concept. Meanwhile, a professional analysis of methods to hide the incident and the edits are given the results of the analysis. A more successful trader does not switch to the trading system at the same time he is done after realizing that the old one does not work properly. Successful traders will always stick to the system he developed with the use of only a few trading strategies used to do.

7. Investors and traders who have not experienced in investment and trade quite often try to repeat the investment and trading techniques that successful traders and famous. At the same time, professionals consider all possible strategies, including those of well-known merchants, but use it only in cases that match their trading style. Individuality is an investor and trader in the market and knowledge of the trading system itself is far more relevant than the achievement of the famous market players.

8. Often, investors and traders who have not experienced a variety of factors that will help them earn a profit. The amount of money in circulation is defined for earnings per merchant, who obviously realized by experienced traders. The amount of money that flows from the business Forex, Indices, Stocks and Komodit as clappers shall exceed the amount of money that flows out of (losses) and it certainly needs to be considered by each investor and trader as part of Risk Management.

9. As a rule, all investors and traders are beginning to lose the opportunity to benefit really have to try very hard, while the more successful traders profit easily. Trading is a pleasure for them, but they do very seriously. Psychiatrists say that the seriousness of the excess make a person more susceptible to disease, because it was too stressful.

            Both investors and successful traders and losers will invest and trade in financial fund market as a game like some people believe that "Life is a game". If we compare it to a game of bowling, the beginner to realize that the ball is thrown by an experienced professional without being seen as an effort of the pretty and much time is spent outside the "big game". As in sports, investment and trade, much influenced by internal and external factors. You should be very serious about each offer you the position. Difference between the professional and novice is that the professionals follow investment and trading strategies are accurate and that beginners make investments and trade as a regular game.

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