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Some important things in Investing and Trading for the Newbie :

1. Use the extra money or savings deposits are not for your monthly needs, such as for food, beverage, secondary purposes and the repayment obligation and your debts. Capital should be only about 20% of your deposit and then divide it in a portfolio to stocks, forex and other investment where appropriate. Each portfolio it will have a different composition for investment on the
longterm (quarterly or semiannual) and intermediate investment (monthly). And trading for use in weekly and daily trading but avoid to much intraday trading (only 10-20% of each portfolio) if you are still "newbies", because the volatility and flushes every 15 minutes to 1 hour can often occur.

 2. At each position using "stop loss" to a limited 15-25 pips (points) so that if the opposing positions taken by the movement of prices does not cause a greater loss. For intraday trading using charts 15 minutes to 1 hour to 4 hours of daily use chart - a weekly, for a weekly (medium term) use daily charts, weekly and monthly as well as for monthly (long term) use weekly charts, monthly, quarterly and yearly. But for every shooting position of the short, medium and long to get the best price, then you should use a graph 5 -15 minutes to see chart 1 minute.
3. Do not get panic and fear that if there was a slight loss can still be covered, do not follow the current volatile market that often, do not be greedy, do not follow the advice of friends or the results of the analysis may be wrong but it should be from your own analysis to study to become a great investor and trader . Specify an instant or pending price to get a reasonable price and do not always drift to volatile price movements, often well or quickly, but eventually the price dropped quickly recover to the previous price of traction due to volume and number of players who are very much in the market.

4. Use a variety of technical indicators for trading and macro-economic indicators for investment as the main hand, including the trend of daily charts, weekly and monthly.

5. Follow the movements of 1-5 minutes to get a big advantage it often makes you a loss and will always attempt to recover losses by adding the position of 2-5 fold, while the opposite trend of the market. So do not gamble are always curious to cover previous losses, remain cool and calm so that you are not emotionally if your position is different from market movements. Follow the strains of the market is going up or down and do not fight it if you are not expert and experienced.

6. If you are already proficient, do you like surfing on the beach and follow the rhythm of the waves without having to drop, learn various technical indicators and the strains of the cycle.

7. Because really excited and very confident, you will often be bought at the rally-rally (prices rise faster and higher), then you will come to buy. His advice is do not buy at high prices (lagged as still in doubt), but wait a correction of 5-15 minutes to buy if the trend is bullish on a daily basis (See chart 1 H, 4 H, and daily). Vice versa, as many are trapped momentarily lost because the price goes up or down and then quickly reversed course as well, your position will be negative (minus) on the balance sheetnya. Do not forget to use the position Stop Loss and Target Price, this is because the volatility of the market is very large (often occurs when there is news and economic fundamental data or political news), so it's going to happen you buy or sell position would be contrary to the position you miss sebelamunya and Your position will ultimately be in balance minus sheetnya. For example, the position buy EUR / USD = 1.3250, 1.3280 and ride around for a while you still expect a continued rise towards 1.3290 and even 1.3325 according to your analysis, but it misses and rapidly declining market prices trend toward even want to go to 1.3235 1.3200 and eventually you'll lose: 1.3250 - 1.3200 = - 50 pips. So do not forget to put Stop Loss at 1.3225 - 1.3230 and at 1.3275 Target Price - 1.3278. Although few, but quite favorable compared to waiting and eventually lost.

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