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Aspect of Psychological Mass on Investment and Trade (Trading) :

Psychological condition of each person to form an aggregate mass in a psychological state, regional and global levels that describe a large number of combined psychological investors (medium and long term) and traders (short term) that always moves the picture of dynamic psychic emotions of excitement, happiness, hope, greed, fear, tension, panic, regret that always accompanies the process and trading mechanisms. All of them will form a picture of the graph rise and fall of prices always move dynamically from time to time. 

        There is a point that if we suppress emotions at feelings that hit you, then ignore the sixth sense, intuition, and finally, the vision and insight to see the big picture graph. It is known that emotions will also transmit the flow of information to us. We are guided by this information, acting under a mental picture of where the direction of movement of the next trend. But this is given to us to control our emotions and to change the sentiment to the sentiment of others, whether the price will go up or down.

With the mindset, vision and a little of sixth sense, then we can know immediately the various aspects of the psychology of the markets financial fund, so that it formed a variety of trends and chart patterns short, medium and long term. The benefit is that we can know and see the depth and breadth of what mental process experienced by market participants (investors, traders and retailers in the spot market), is having a passion, enthusiasm, greedy, selfish, worries, unhappiness, fear and panic in the market in viewing and evaluating the events of economic, social and political movement that will affect the price of Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities and various derivatives. Patterns and trends that will be formed later is shaped Bullish, Bearish, Consolidation and Turmoil (Turbulencies).  

        This of course can be used by investors, traders and retail spot to immediately take action to take advantage (profit taking), holding the position (hold) or sell loss (cut loss). Method of the Natural Bio Economic or Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic is basically also considering this is based on biological mechanisms. And also seems to use by the Elliott Wave method of psycho-social aspects to make predictions in the financial and fund market and economic development, thats our method is also used as a wave cycle, but with based on the biological and laws of nature. So this biological method can perform a precise prediction of the vision of short, medium and long-wave fluctuations to determine the biological cycles of the various macro economic indicators, micro as well as a variety of market conditions in world financial fund to be used for investment, trading and also in the real sector.

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