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How to control your emotions :

1. Try changing emotions by turning to other objects are a little comforting. This method is quite effective in reducing emotional defeat, tension, resentment, and others. Then prepare the analysis and a better position to benefit.

2. Once trust and believe can change the emotions as a filter to all the information, interpretation and analysis results in a better awareness so that you can take the position of investment and trade for the better and profitable.
3. Modifying physiological condition your body to absorb excessive emotion. Change how your breathing is more relaxed, comfortable seating position, good mood, relax your muscles, especially in the neck, shoulders and temples with gently massage and tone of voice becomes more comfortable. This will have a direct influence on the emotional body to everyone, including investors and traders. Finally came a spirit of optimism, caution and look at all the fundamental and technical analysis to better, clearer and more obvious to recognize patterns and trends that will happen next.
4. Perform a concentration of attention as a real element of our emotional state. So all the objects of reality and accept reality as a factual evaluation of the actions of investment positions and the next trade. Follow carefully all the strains of fluctuation of price movement, create patterns and trends previously established price patterns and trends to predict the price that we feel and think will happen and do not hear any comments or whisper in your heart that may be misleading and detrimental to your positions. Log back into the market, making do with the position tolerance specified cut losses and gain profits.

5. Trading is an attempt to balance the contrast between the rising and falling price movements, use some reliable indicator to take a position. A trader should focus on the income statement and try to balance it with a profit of more dominant. A trader should concentrate on the various possible methods of analysis and indicators, as well as information provided by the market, because it is the only accurate and reliable.
6. Do not follow other traders emotions that sometimes follow the flow of drastic market rise that would indicate that the reversal will occur immediately. Let the market trading volume of the market that it will fall back. Follow the rhythm of the price movement at the top where the price will be difficult to go up and consolidate to a rapid decline or fall below it and then consolidated in a pull up and down and finally got back that can be viewed on the indicator as a technical guidance moment in a very crowded market dynamics, volatile, fluctuates and even turbulencies at random and irregular.

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